The Angry Pablo Philosophy

‘A new generation of riding.’ 

Angry Pablo was set up by two friends whose diverging paths in life were always brought back together by a passion for cycling.

As cyclists ourselves, we have never understood why cycling, a sport whose popularity always seems to be on the upward trajectory, seems to be indefinitely stuck in time. We’ve witnessed it time and time again- people being made to feel intimated by the sport and its outdated set of conventions. That’s why we got together to think of ways to change this, and created the blueprint for a brand that aims to not only challenge conformity, but also the uniformity of the existing cycling market. Fast forward 6 months and our first products were ready, a modest collection of carefully designed on and off the bike apparel. 

As Angry Pablo grows, we try to remind ourselves as much as possible why we started this project.  Everyday we wake up with one goal in mind-- to design and develop new products that not only express the culture of the sport that we love, but also transcend the boundaries of cycling and fashion.

In doing so we endeavour to create an off-the-bike range with the same level of care and attention to detail as our cycling specific range. We don’t want to be seen as just another cycling brand that is having a punt at the casual clothes market, but rather a group of cycling enthusiasts that take enormous pride in what we wear when we’re not on our bikes. It is our mission to develop both lines of products with an equal amount of dedication and integrity.

Over the coming months and years we will remain committed to our vision of creating the first ever cycling-specific clothing brand that is not only sought after by cyclists, but also by those who have never worn lycra.

Our journey so far- from High Tops to Tencel™ Tees

Our modest journey (so far!) into the world of cycling apparel began back in April 2020. On a warm spring evening we sat down together to look at certain products on the cycling market that we felt were missing something, and, more specifically, areas where we believed we could make a genuine improvement. One thing that frustrated us, and had done for a while, was cycling socks. Whether it be length, material or design, we struggled to find a pair of cycling socks that we would choose over any other. 

We began to sketch designs and highlight the areas of the sock that had frustrated us. After countless alterations to sketches, and the testing of numerous prototypes, we finally knew that we had a product that we were happy with, and, more importantly, a product that was completely unique in its design and function.

After the success of these socks we decided that we needed to focus our energy on new areas of the business that were important to us, namely making our brand as sustainable as it possibly could be. We arranged meetings with experts in fashion sustainability in order to come up with ways that our existing ideas could be transferred to the cycling industry. First came our Bio Bottles, made using sugarcane-based bio material; then our Tencel™ tees, made using the natural cellulose found in wood pulp; and finally our cork leather wallets, made using the bark material of the cork oak tree. With all of these products now being enjoyed by hundreds of people across the globe, it has fuelled our hunger to think of new and exciting ways to change the cycling industry for the better. 

As we look to the future we are committed to releasing more and more innovative products, and in doing so we hope to do our small bit to reverse the harmful effects of global warming. In addition to this, we endeavour to change some of our current practises by making the transition toward becoming a plastic free business by 2022. We will also work hard to ensure that everything that AP produces offers something completely unique, thereby offering our customers novel cycling products that can’t be found elsewhere.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.