Vegan Cork Leather

Angry Pablo’s riding accessory collection includes vegan leather wallets and card holders that are designed to always be by your side, regardless of where life on two wheels takes you. Handmade in Mallorca with premium quality, low-impact cork leather, we really believe that these products reflect AP’s key philosophies by combining ethical manufacturing, durability and sleek, minimalist designs. 

What is Cork Leather and why did we choose it for our wallets and card holders?

As the name suggests, cork leather is made from the bark of Cork Oaks. Cork Oaks grow naturally in the Mediterranean region of Europe—which produces 80% of the world’s cork—  and is then handcrafted by our trained masters into some of the most unique riding wallets on the cycling market.

Cork trees must be at least 25 years old before the bark can be harvested and even then, the harvest can only take place once every 9 years. When done by an expert, harvesting the cork from a Cork Oak does not harm the tree. The opposite is in fact true; as sections of the bark are removed, regeneration is stimulated, which improves the overall life expectancy of a tree. In addition to this, cork oak will continue to produce cork for between two to five hundred years, making it the most environmentally friendly ‘vegan leather’ on the planet.

The cork is hand cut from the tree in planks, dried for six months, boiled in water, flattened and pressed into sheets. A fabric backing is then pressed on the cork sheet, which is bonded by suberin, a naturally occurring adhesive present in the cork.  The resulting product is flexible, soft and strong- qualities that are crucial  for long, sweaty days out in the saddle.

Why are our wallets handmade?

At Angry Pablo we are keen to support independent craft industries and people.

We believe that cycling— and in particular the larger brands and corporations— have lost the basic humanistic approach that helped us to fall in love with the sport. As we grow as a brand, we will continue to work with suppliers and manufacturers that challenge us to make our overall supply chain as resource efficient as it possibly can be.