Tencel T-shirt

What is Tencel™?

Simply put, Tencel™ is the brand name that has been used to trademark garments made from modal and lyocell fibres.

The fibres originate from birch trees, a renewable raw material which, like all plants, use photosynthesis to turn the energy from sunlight into raw material. Subsequently, these bio-based fibres are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. In addition to this, Tencel is both compostable and biodegradable, and thus fully reverts back to nature at the end of the garments life. 

Why did we use Tencel™ for our T-shirts?

Modal and lyocell fibres are widely recognised as one of the softest and most eco-friendly raw materials for garment manufacture on the planet. Despite all of this, it is still relatively unknown to the general population. We, however, have a sneaky suspicion that this will soon change, and we hope that our run of Off-the-Bike Tees will play their small part in increasing the profile of this unique material. 

One of the main reasons we opted for Tencel is that when we tested different fabrics, it was noticeably softer than any cotton or cotton-blended sheets. Beyond its softness, Tencel boasts a number of other lucrative qualities. Fabric made from Tencel lyocell drapes effortlessly and is wrinkle and odour resistant, meaning you’ll always look and feel good on those casual spins that favour comfort over performance.