A worker in the Angry Pablo factory in Italy

Manufacturing Partners

We understand the importance of transparency in our supply chains. As such, we work with trusted partners that we can visit directly in order to carry out due diligence and to ensure the veracity of their manufacturing processes. All of our partners have a well-established track record that is the result of many years of developing and implementing expert knowledge and skills in specific regions. 

Below you can find a breakdown of our partners and where they are located. Please note that our partner in China is the subsidiary of a well-established specialist manufacturer of headwear with head offices in Denmark, with whom we have direct and frequent contact.  

A map displaying the countries that Angry Pablo manufactures in

Stamperia Alicese

Comfy Socks
Wonder Raw

United Kingdom
Wizard Works

The Netherlands

State Of Wow

An Angry Pablo plastic free compostable packaging bag


At Angry Pablo we made an early decision to avoid traditional plastics and only use materials that are toxin free when broken down in our packaging. As of 2023, all of our packaging is made from recyclable paper/cardboard and plant based materials that are 100% toxin free and compostable.

The founder of Angry Pablo sampling different materials

Fabric Sourcing and Materials

Sustainable practices drive our decision making when it comes to the raw materials we use in our products and their end of life.

We work hard to ensure that all of our products are made from materials that are produced using only chemicals and processes that are safe for the environment. Furthermore, we have systems in place to make sure that the air and water emissions are not affected by our manufacturing processes.

Angry Pablo works closely with its suppliers to establish where naturally occurring and recycled materials provide a tangible benefit to the overall quality life-cycle of our products. This is often a balance and it is something that we are determined to continue to improve moving forwards.

Currently both of our cycling jerseys and socks are made from Econyl®. Traditionally, nylon has been a staple material for the manufacture of high-quality sportswear apparel. Unfortunately, nylon’s production causes a significantly detrimental environmental impact. Econyl® solves this problem by using innovative technology to regenerate nylon fibres that are sourced from pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets and carpet flooring. You can read more about Econyl® and its benefits here.

Angry Pablo’s riding accessory collection includes vegan leather wallets and card holders that are designed to always be by your side, regardless of where life on two wheels takes you. These accessories are handmade in Mallorca using premium quality, low-impact cork leather. Read more about vegan leather and its benefits here.

The mountains behind the Angry Pablo factory in Italy

Impact Statement/Report

Over the coming months we’ll be working with an environmental consultancy agency that specialises in the fashion industry to create a brand impact report for our customers. ENVRT is an innovative solution developed to eradicate false environmental claims within the fashion industry. You can read more about their work here.