The founders of Angry Pablo preparing for a run

Our story started in Brighton- a seaside city on the south coast of England that is famous for its open-minded attitude and eco-friendly spirit.

We grew up riding bikes together on the outdoor track at Preston Park and would both go on to compete internationally in our respective sports, with Felix going on to win multiple World Cups on the track and later compete at the Tokyo Olympics. Importantly though, we always look back to our roots and the easy going atmosphere of our hometown as being instrumental in shaping our love for sport and riding bikes.

Angry Pablo founders on the beach in Eastbourne

As the years passed by, we realised something had changed. Cycling had stopped getting us excited like it used to. Sure, the jerseys had gotten tighter and the bikes had gotten faster, but it was harder to recognise the sport we fell in love with all those years ago. We believe that the sport has so much more to offer, and that the crossover with other pursuits and pastimes should be embraced. At Angry Pablo we strive to place less pressure on conforming, and more of an emphasis on building a community that encourages people to get out and be active. 

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A group photo from the Angry Pablo EarthTone photoshoot

We are Angry Pablo. A brand that redefines what it means to be a cyclist and focuses on the lifestyle element that we love. Our mission is to produce unique and innovative clothing that draws on cycling culture and lifestyle for inspiration, while pushing back against the ‘all or nothing’ attitude of the current cycling industry. Our signature character Pablo is a light-hearted critique of the cyclists and brands that inadvertently brought us on this journey.