Chasing Cheshire

Chasing Cheshire

Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom
Author: Mike Cuming


Known for its flat/rolling roads, high hedges and small lanes, Cheshire is definitely up there as one of the best places to ride in the UK. 

Cheshire also has some picturesque views, but those definitely need to be earnt! Those who are prepared to put in a bit of graft to reach some of the harder climbs on the border with the Peak District will be duly rewarded. 

One of the reasons that I love Cheshire is because the mixture of terrain suits all types of rider. Whether you’re just out for a lazy Sunday spin, a quick blast around the lanes, or a more challenging ride up some of the steep climbs-- it has everything you need.


Top of the climb (Cat and Fiddle)


Ride Recommendations 

-The flat lands around the lanes of Knutsford and Tatton Park. 

-The rolling roads around Joddrell Bank and Lower Withington are perfect for a quiet Sunday spin. 

-If you’re feeling like you need more of a challenge- head towards the outskirts of Macclesfield in the direction of Macs Forest.

-The climb up past Ridgegate Reservoir towards Bolin Brook and the standing stones: on the ridge you have great views of the Cheshire plains and Manchester. Or you can head over to the other side and start to explore the Peak District.

Segment Info- (Start point is just outside Langly) The climb is 3.5k in length starting off at around 3-4% gradient for the first half. There is then a slight downhill until the last km where you’ll meet some tough climbing- which climaxes at a maximum gradient of about 14% for the last 200m.

Cafe Recommendation 

A popular meeting point for cyclists is Grasslands Cafe/Garden Centre on the road from Knutsford to Holmes Chapel. You’ll always find other cyclists sat on the benches outside enjoying a coffee and cake.



Knutsford town centre


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