Angry Pablo Cycling, Running and Lifestyle Socks - designed with a trademark attention to performance & style, so that heads never stop turning, and neither do your feet.

This week saw the highly anticipated re-release of our High Top Classic Cycling Socks. And while we understand that it’s taken much longer than expected, we think the wait is justified by our obsession with creating superior socks.

How did we get here?

You might have seen us joking around on instagram about how many suppliers and samples we tested to get to a point where we were happy. Well, there’s often some truth in our jokes.

Socks are difficult to make, especially technical socks that are required for racing and performance. Each section of the sock needs to be carefully considered, from the compression of the cuff, to the material and fabric pattern on the midfoot. We wanted the Angry Pablo High Top Classic Socks to live up to their reputation as one of the best on the market, and we’ve seen far too many bad pairs of running and casual socks to settle for anything less than perfect.

Our High Top Classic Cycling Socks are constructed from Prolen®, a high performance yarn designed to be breathable, elastic and extremely durable. They boast the perfect cuff length and are designed with a high compression structure for improved circulation and comfort. The dynamic arch support and seamless toe boxes were popular features on the original socks, so we decided to keep those.

Like the High Top Classics, our Running Socks are also engineered using an innovative blend of Prolen® yarn and elastane. These socks feature high cuffs and, though designed to be ultra lightweight,  have micro-reinforcement in the footbed and ankle to deliver subtle cushioning and prevent blisters. They also utilise unique sweat-wicking technology to keep your feet dry no matter how hot it gets when you’re out pounding the tarmac.

The Angry Pablo Lifestyle Socks are an upgraded version of the OG casual socks (for those that can remember). These extra-soft and stretchy everyday socks are for when comfort is king and life is active. Perfect for pairing with your favourite trainers or birkenstocks, we developed these casual socks using a unique blend of Coolmax® & Prolen® yarns to offer both breathability and optimum sweat wicking on your everyday pursuits.