The Idea

Truth be told, the idea for the Angry Pablo Cycling Jersey was conceived way before Pablo was angry. Over the past couple of years we’ve spent countless hours discussing what makes one cycling jersey better than another. Elbow length sleeves that don’t slip (back to the old sock dilemma), super stretchy, lightweight fabrics that don’t punish you for the slightest increase in weight (our training isn't as consistent as it once was), and a cool, minimalist design that is neither garish nor overbearing. That was the vision.




We set about sketching designs for the EarthTone Cycling Jersey. The water resistant, reversible pocket was inspired by innovation in technical, outdoor garments- something we felt was lacking in the world of cycling.



Manufacturing Partners

Once we’d sketched the basic design for our jersey, we started reaching out to manufacturers in Europe to see if our ideas could be transformed into reality. 

Our decision to keep production in Europe was motivated by Angry Pablo’s desire to be a fully transparent and sustainable business. Our journey led us to a small town in the north of Italy- an area famous for its long and rich history in textile production.




What if there was a sustainable yarn that offered the very specific properties required to make a stretchy, durable, high performance cycling jersey? Well, there is. ECONYL® is an infinitely recyclable nylon yarn made from waste materials such as industrial plastic, waste fabric, and fishing nets retrieved from oceans. Its production doesn't deplete fossil fuels, pollute the air, or introduce any new materials into circulation. It was perfect for the EarthTone Cycling Jersey.




We spent the next few months receiving sample jerseys, asking our network of friends and training partners for feedback, and visiting the factory to make small changes. It was at this stage that we sampled various colour options and decided on Chalk, Woodland and Black- three shades we felt perfectly represented the brand’s journey and the vision for the EarthTone Collection.




At Angry Pablo we made an early decision to avoid traditional plastics and only use materials that are toxin free when broken down in our packaging. As of 2023, all of our packaging is made from recyclable paper/cardboard and plant based materials that are 100% toxin free and compostable. Our EarthTone Jerseys are delivered to customers in a fully compostable zip lock bag that is designed to be used as more than just packaging.



The EarthTone Cycling Jersey

And there you have it. The final samples of the EarthTone Jersey arrived in May ‘23, just as the spring air was starting to blossom excitement about summer riding.

Angry Pablo’s goal of creating a completely unique cycling jersey, made from sustainable fabrics, that would deliver irrespective of gender or body shape, and across all two-wheeled adventures, felt like it had been accomplished. We hope you like them as much as we do.
Keep riding your bikes, but never take it too seriously,

Jago & Felix