Classic Bib Shorts constructed from recycled materials. Featuring a range of unique features exclusive to Angry Pablo, read on to find out what makes Angry Pablo’s EarthTone Bib Shorts stand out from the crowd.




Innovative Features

As with our EarthTone Jerseys and All-Purpose Padded Gilets, the EarthTone Bib Shorts were designed with functionality and versatility in mind.

We want you to enjoy our bib shorts in a multitude of different riding situations. As such, they come with a water resistant zip-up rear pocket and a larger multi-purpose storage section; to give you the option of wearing your bib shorts with more than just a jersey. These unique product features make the EarthTone Bib Shorts the perfect choice for gravel riding and multi-day trips, where additional options to stash your tools, food and extra layers are always welcome.




A chamois that is designed to provide comfort, no matter the number of hours spent in the saddle. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Rouleur had to say about the chamois on our EarthTone Bib Shorts in their recent review:

“The chamois on the EarthTone bib shorts was impressively comfortable, even on rides that crept over the four hour mark. I didn’t experience any chafing, nor did I struggle to get used to the feel of the chamois – it felt supportive throughout my rides.” – Extract from Rouleur Article “Angry Pablo Kit Review- An innovative and creative approach to cycling apparel for the masses




If you’re a fan of the Pablo logo, or partial to rolling your shorts up to avoid tan lines at cafe stops, these are the bib shorts for you. We’ve included a cool feature on the inside of the hem to offer you some unique ways to show off the Angry Pablo branding. 



Sustainable Manufacturing

Responsibly Manufactured in Italy using an innovative blend of recycled materials, the EarthTone Bib Shorts (as with all things Angry Pablo) were designed to offer a credible option to modern cyclists who are conscious of the impact their choices have on the planet.

Angry Pablo’s manufacturing facilities in Italy rely on solar power to produce energy, and we purposefully package all of our cycling clothing in fully compostable bags made from plant-based materials.


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