The Angry Pablo All-Purpose Padded Gilet

Available in sizes XXS - XXL

Manufactured in Italy, this ultra-lightweight padded gilet weighs in at just 130g. It features a unique duo-construction -- windproof padded material on the front and breathable mesh on the back. It's a game changer.

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Studio photo of the Angry Pablo padded gilet
Insulated Front Section //

Insulated on the front using innovative, synthetic micro-padding technology, it provides the protection needed to keep your core warm when the wind bits.

Studio photo showing the mesh back panel of the Angry Pablo insulated gilet
Breathable Rear //

The back section is constructed from highly breathable mesh and offers both secure and easy access pockets, meaning plenty of storage options for your riding adventures.

Studio photo showing the water resistant pocket on the Angry Pablo padded gilet
Lightweight & Packable //

It boasts a water resistant picket on the back that doubles up as a handy self-storage pouch, making it easy to transport when it's not in use.

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